The Technical Journey To Build Feedback Pal

Building Feedback Pal has been a journey. I want to share it with you.

The high-level architecture

Feedback Pal high-level architecture

Feedback Pal hase following components:

  • The Angular UI. The UI connects to Auth0 to allow users to login or signup, either via their social connector or via username/password. The list of users accessing the application is stored in Auth0
  • The API backend. The API backend uses Nest JS, a progressive Typescript Node framework built on top of Express.
  • Auth0. Auth0 is a Security-As-A-Service product, which is entirely Cloud based. The frontend UI uses it to allow users to signup/login and the API backend uses it to validate the JWT token that the UI passes with every request. The JWT token contains the user’s permissions and each API operation is protected by scopes
  • Managed Postgresql. The API backend uses a managed instance of Postgresql from Digital Ocean.

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