I’ve been working in technology for nearly 30 years, covering all roles from development to technical lead at various levels, to Agile Coach and Lean Enterprise specialist, to DevOps and Testing automation, all the way to Full Stack Development, covering modern architectures such as APIs and Microservices, Containers, Clouds, Serverless and modern Javascript.

Hi, I’m Marco and I love technology.

I’m a Chief Architect within IT Central Architecture UK, currently leading the API, Integration and Microservices (AIM) Practice for a world’s leading international bank. My team is in charge of defining and maintaining standards, best practices and accelerators for everything that relates to APIs, Integration and Microservices. We also act as an internal consultancy helping other teams with AIM adoption, architecture reviews, pair programming and technology choices. We are chief problem solvers. I also specialise in building high performing technology teams. I have experience and a passion for Lean Enterprise transformations with the goal of helping organisations to deliver business value faster by looking at product delivery as business value delivery and as a system flow, where BDD, Agile, DevOps, Testing Automation, Portfolio and Budget Management, Regulatory and Compliance, Security and NFRs are all parts of a single journey. My favourite execution tool for Lean Enterprise transformations is the Improvement/Coaching Kata, by Mike Rother. I’m well versed in Followership, Leadership and Coaching.

I cover all aspects of technology

Integration and Microservices Practice Leadership

API and Developer Portal strategy Leadership

Chief Problem Solver

Grow and empower international teams

Lead global initiatives

I code when necessary